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"It does not have to hurt to get better"

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Our approach to overall wellness

Recovery from an injury or surgery does not have to be painful. Your initial injury or surgery was unpleasant enough. At Anthony La Sorsa Physical Therapy, we believe it does not have to hurt in order to get better. In fact, the more you hurt or aggravate healing tissue, whatever the setting, the slower you will heal. We don't just focus on what hurts, but determine why you hurt. Then, address each person's problem at this level. Every individualized treatment plan is designed to not be painful and help you to the fastest and most complete recovery possible.

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Whether you are experiencing neck or back pain, arthritis, or pain from an athletic injury, you as the consumer have the right to choose your health care provider*. Ask us about your insurance options when you call.


*Subject to the conditions/provisions of your health care insurance.

Patient's rights

Personal Attention with Customized plan of care

Have you been injured or had a recent surgery and are not sure what to do in order to return to overall wellness? We can help you regain your mobility and strength. You will get personal attention catered to your injury and needs every step of the way.